Thursday, September 10, 2009


Author: Chris Crutcher

Copyright: 2007
Pages: 320

Rating: 9 out of 10
How the book got from the shelf into my (sorta) loving arms:

It was my turn to pick two books at Barnes and Noble. I already knew I wanted the new Sarah Dessen book, but all the other books didn't seem appealing because I had either already read it or it was some vampire book. (Are vampires the only thing people care about these days? Seriously, there are other things to read/write about.) I read the back of the book and the plot seemed fresh and inviting, so that's why I ended up buying it.

It's the summer before Ben Wolf's senior year when he receives the devastating news that he has a terminal illness. The doctor tells him has only one year left to live. If this were any other book, any other character the story would end here. Not in Ben's case. Legally, Ben has no obligation to alert anyone of his condition due to the fact that he's 18 and no longer a minor. Instead of grieving over his inevitable death, Ben decides to make the most of his last year on earth. From the very start, Ben proves to be a likable, witty character in the face of death. He decides to try out for the football team and woo the girl of his dreams, Dallas Suzuki (which is not a Car Dealership, to be clear).
This book, and Ben for that matter, could have been a tearjerker. What makes Deadline special and unique is the fact that it wasn't. Ben takes an optimistic look on the life that has never been perfect. He changes multiple people's lives, and if we let him, he changes ours. For me, this book had a slow start, but it was well worth continuing. Of course, this book may make you cry, but I guarantee you'll most likely be laughing by the next page.